Store Clinics

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Paco Underhill’s Store Clinics offer executives an unparalleled look into their businesses that is both practical and fun. It helps uncover what’s working, what’s not, and why it matters. Customized to meet the needs of participants, each Store Clinic is an intimate and informative way that aids the business.

During the course of the Store Clinic, in conjunction with a review of their web presence, Paco engages with the group, highlighting best practices and highlighting what’s working, along with possible improvements/recommendations. It is a practical examination at the meeting of the physical and digital world. Paco believes in the concept of thinking while standing up, as opposed to sitting at a desk and staring at your screen.

Paco has run Store Clinics in retail and commercial environments, plus major transportation hubs, healthcare facilities, and a wide variety of municipal spaces.


“We appreciated Paco’s visit and insight at Commonplace Books & Kitchen!

Paco was able to see and think through the psychology and desires of the buyers as he/she approaches, enters, and pursues our store. We greatly appreciated his insight, especially as a New Yorker spoiled by some of the worlds greatest bookstores, as he was able to address some weak points of our store (i.e. the lack of fiction). Our number one takeaway from Paco’s visit to the store was that we are selling to a literary public. We plan on designating a small portion of the store to selling supplements of the reading experience that a book buyer would want to have and see in their homes! Just as well, the Kitchen greatly appreciated the insight and plans to arrange a new menu in plain sight above and behind our counter so customers can decide what they want before they ever reach the cash wrap. Thanks again for the visit, Paco!”

Jake Howell, Commonplace Books

As a shop owner, I spend most of my time on the sales floor or at my computer, so it was wonderfully refreshing to be guided through Paco’s curated visual examples of shops from around the world, and the customer experiences they distinguish themselves in creating. 

His seminar was big-picture enough to inspire critical thinking about a broad range of challenges and best practices in the world of modern retail, but practical enough that I walked away with a clear list of action items to tackle right away in our daily operations. 

And the one-on-one coaching session felt like drinking from a fire hose. Having Paco walk my shop floor, asking pointed questions and making suggestions about layout, flow, merchandising and visuals, gave me space to troubleshoot and re-engineer in real time — with a fantastic sounding board. It was invaluable!

Audret Falk, Shop Good

I very much enjoyed, and found value in the walk-around with Paco last Tuesday.

First, he was “real life” with his examples of how certain situational displays/concepts and outreach could be done more mindfully toward a particular business dynamic. As well, he mixed thought processes and perceptions which could be adapted-either directly or an alternate plan parallel–that made sense not just for the business he was pinpointing, but others of different origin. Finally, I took away a few SPECIFIC ideas which I will act upon in the coming weeks and months.

Mark Bravo, OK Runner