Inspired by the methodologies of urbanist William H. Whyte, and having lived in a multitude of cities around the world as the son of a diplomat, Paco Underhill founded the first iteration of Envirosell in 1977.


Paco is a New York Times Best selling author and the author of many global bestselling books including Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping.


From buying behavior to consumerism in the modern world, Paco’s entertaining presentations have been lauded worldwide.

Paco’s presentations are packed with insider observations from over three decades of behavioral research. Each of Paco’s speeches are created uniquely and specifically for each presentation. Paco believes in “Edutainment”.

“If I can make you both shake and nod your head at the same time, I’ve succeeded.”

-Paco Underhill

Store Clinics

Paco Underhill’s Global Store Clinics offer executives an unparalleled look into their businesses that is both practical and fun. The program helps uncover what’s working, what’s not, and why it matters. Customized to meet the needs of participants, each Store Clinic is an intimate and informative way to aid the business.